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We are 5 years old and we give gifts! Copy

22 November

We are 5 years old and we give gifts!

Why do we do this? As you know, we create products that bring pleasure. And very soon we have the first anniversary – 5 years! And, of course, we could not leave all our customers without surprises and gifts. What could be better than to get not only a jar of honey, but also a real impression!

What is this certificate?

Together with the Emprana company, we have issued certificates that give you a choice of impressions – fitness classes, dances, classes at the foreign language school, yoga, martial arts, training workshops, online courses and much more.

How to get it?

Buy soufflé soufflé from partner shops, instagramfacebook or the official online store and get a certificate!

Sweet to you of spring and bright impressions!

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