Natural Honey

The best varieties of pure “liquid” honey

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For true connoisseurs

As you know, honey is the “Russian gold”. This is our wealth and health! We decided to introduce into product line different varieties of best “pure” “liquid” honey.

Natural Honey


One of the rarest and most valuable varieties of honey. Collected in the south of Russia, it has a unique taste – a distinctive bitterness that turns into a special floral bouquet. It contains a large amount of fructose, so it tends to remain liquid for a very long time.
Buckwheat with honeycombs
Buckwheat honey is bright and aromatic. It is darker than most types of honey due to the high content of iron and fructose, that’s why it remains in a liquid state for a long time. Buckwheat honey has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, general immunity and strengthening the protective properties of the body.
Amur linden
This honey, collected from the Far Eastern regions of Russia, is pure like tear. One of the lightest honey in Russia. It has a rich floral aroma with a fruity soft finish. It has almost no bitterness and goes well with pastries, fruits, cheeses.
Mountain linden with honeycombs
Linden honey is rightfully named as “Royal honey” for the amount of useful properties and active substances in it. It is widely known for its antimicrobial, anti-cold and restorative properties. Honeycombs keep honey and its properties intact without human processing. Eating them helps to strengthen the immune system, gums, and improve digestion.