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Not a flower, but how beautiful!

31 May

I don’t like milk or honey, but it was the “Milk Flower” that caught my attention. This honey is an exquisite ivory color. Its delicate aroma is reminiscent of white chocolate and a cozy candle burning. Immediately you want to take off your shoes, get comfortable in an armchair, put on a blanket and plunge into the world of sweet pleasant memories. In consistency, honey is not sticky, but rather resembles the freshest fondant with beautiful bubbles on the surface. In the taste of the Milk Flower, its components are gradually revealed – first, a wave of delicate honey taste envelops, and later a creamy aftertaste appears. I think that this honey- soufflé will be pleasantly combined with light white European wine and medium-aged cheese.

Gorchakova O.A., business coach

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