In three words – Natural, Tasty, Beautiful



Peroni is a small family company. We have a dream to make an image of Russia in the world community not only associated with vodka and felt boots but also with natural, high-quality, delicious products. We sign every our box with “Made in Russia” and we are very proud of it!

A healthy lifestyle, honesty and responsibility for our words and actions is something really important to us. All the managing partners of the company are vegetarians who have been studying and applying the basic principles of ecological existence in their life for a long time, taking care for nature and the people which surround us. We also believe that healthy and natural food can and should be tasty and attractive for everyone!



What unites all Peroni products? This is an endless dedication to perfection. We strive to ensure that taste, quality and packaging of the products are ideal and please all your feelings. It's like searching for gold nuggets in iron ore. It takes up to a year to develop each taste and product. Collecting the ideas from around the world we try new combinations in our laboratory, and out of 50 there are only 5 left of which you then choose. But the result is worth it! For us this is a matter of our life, and there should not be any compromises.

100% Quality

How we produce our products

We control the quality of each ingredient from the collection of raw materials to the shop window. We analyze and control every stage of the process.


Our main product is of course honey-soufflé. It is made under a special technology of gentle mixing. Natural honey is mixed for a long time in special blending containers along with dried berries, fruits, nuts, after that it is poured into jars and sent to special cooling thermal chambers, where it acquires that unique souffle-like consistence.

Fruits and berries

Ягоды и фрукты сушатся по технологии Freeze drying или Лиофилизации – способ мягкой сушки. Т.е. их замораживают, после помещают в вакуум и убирают влагу. Продукт не подвергается воздействию высоких температур, сохраняется максимально его вкус, аромат и цвет.

Where does honey come from?

In general it comes from meadow floral mixed herbs from Voronezh, Lipetsk, Rostov and Krasnodar regions – the most honey-making parts of central Russia. Our production is located in the same place in Voronezh region. In addition, we have several unusual types of honey – Linden Amur, which is collected in the far east and White cotton, which is a blend of Central Asian kinds of honey (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).

Do we use preserving agents and colorants?

We do not use preserving agents for honey because it is an excellent preserving agent itself. Do you remember the story of the amphora with honey from the Egyptian pyramids? They were left lying for 2,000 years and the quality of honey was preserved.
There is no need in artificial colorants either, since lyophilized berries and fruits have a very bright color and aroma. Remember when you could not wash off the drops of raspberry or blueberry juice after walking around the granny’s garden. In rare cases we use berries juice and extracts of spices and flowers. But they are also completely natural.


Our achievements

The quality of our products is confirmed by 11 medals “Product of the Year”, 2 Grand Prix “Innovative product” and many other awards.

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