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Tasty and healthy

16 June

The Peroni company offers lovers of sweets a new unusual delicacy – honey-soufflé. For the first time such a product was created by professor of beekeeping I. J. Dyson back in 1928 in Canada. Honey is kneaded for a long time in a certain mode, after which it is kept at low temperatures. Such honey-soufflé retains all the beneficial properties of ordinary honey, and, thanks to the addition of various natural ingredients, acquires unusual taste. Peroni has created a whole palette of different flavors – there is honey with fruits, berries, nuts and even spices and coffee! The high quality of the product and the elegant packaging design make Peroni honey an excellent gift. And as a drink for honey, tea from the new Peroni collection is perfect.

Source: GRAND Magazine, December-February, 2016/17

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