Honey soufflé for wedding!

29 May

Weddings are long awaited.

Weddings are exciting.

And, undoubtedly, weddings are stylish.

“Do you remember how we got them married?” Guests like to remember this for many years.

If you decide to please your guests with a memorable souvenir, we are glad to offer you a cool gift idea – HONEY!

In a tradition, that began in England and spread to Europe, after a wedding, newlyweds made “voyage a la facon anglaise”, or an English-style journey, during which they visited relatives and friends who were unable to attend the wedding. During the visit, it was customary to drink tea and treat yourself to sweets.

According to another European tradition, young people treated relatives from both sides with honey or mead, so that they quickly became related to each other and felt like one new family.

And finally, the Oxford English Dictionary, answering the question about the etymology of the notion “honeymoon”, gives an example, which says that in ancient times the honeymoon was called the time of the year when bee honey matured in the wild or in beekeepers’ hives and was ready to be harvested. This fact, undoubtedly, made this period sweet, joyful and long-awaited.

As we can see, there are different wedding traditions, but they all are associated with honey.

Honey is really tasty and we can only imagine, how desirable this delicacy was for the ancients. However, now tastes of consumers have become more sophisticated and not everyone can be adherents to the taste of pure honey.

And in this situation, creative producers of unusual honey treats can help. One of these manufacturers is Peroni, which produces not just honey, but honey-soufflé. This is an absolutely natural product – it contains only honey, mixed with dried berries and fruits, grated nuts and spices. Very delicate in consistency, absolutely different in taste, it will appeal to both modern gourmet friends and new mother-in-law and father-in-law, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, and even sister-in-law. And if you don’t know who these people are, believe me, if you got married, you have them.

You can place your photo and lettering on elegant honey jars, and come up with different flavor lines. Honey-soufflé “White cotton” for the groom’s family”, “With walnuts” – for the bride’s family, “Cosmopolitan with cranberries” for school friends or “Sicilian orange” for old acquaintances who could not help but invite.”

Peroni’s design is great! Many options for sets, small jars, large jars, there is even a set in the form of a box of champagne.

So have a sweet honeymoon and a delicious wedding!

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