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11 August

… In sorrow, Mother Moon turned her attention to the Earth below. Looking down, one white tear trickled from her eyes. A tea bush grew below, which opened its leaves to feel and enjoy the night breeze. Mother Moon’s tear fell directly on these leaves. The tea bush was filled with an abundance of feelings of love and unbearable sadness, which he had to bear all his life. Since, tea from this bush and its children has acquired a unique silky sweet essence, which a person unknowingly called milk. There was simply no other word for a person to describe this feeling. But we know that these are indeed tears of longing that fell from the moon …

This is how one of hundreds of legends says about how milk oolong was born, this is the name of a type of excellent tea, which infusion really tastes like fresh milk.


Milk oolong tea became famous in the world when Taiwan in the 70s actively improved the skills of processing tea leaves with the participation of natural (flowers) flavors. The high technological level and quality assurance allow manufacturers from Taiwan to be confident in the demand for their products.


Oolong tea, which gives a rich aromatic bouquet, due to its strong tea base and subtle aromatization. This tea allows you to straighten and remove easily the stressful impact of the environment on a person. It combines high class tea production and natural characteristics.

The taste is dominated by soft caramel-creamy tones. The tea is a little oily and has the pleasant crisp sweetness of oolong tea. The aroma, due to the participation of natural flavors, is sweetish-floral, intense, but when brewed it becomes elegant and unobtrusive.


It greatly relieves stress after (or during) a hard day. Relieves muscle spasms and creates a state of relaxation in case of nervous overstrain. The effect is soothing, but without significant loss of muscle tone.

It`s suitable for use at any time of the day. The tea refreshes and fills with soft relaxation energy for a long time.


  • For brewing oolong, earthenware or porcelain dishes are best suited, before brewing tea, it is better to pour boiling water over it will eliminate extraneous odors.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for one serving and fill with water cooled to 95-100 degrees.
  • Let it brew for 1 minute.

Milk oolong can be brewed up to eight times and you can taste new notes with each brew.

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